CRYL STUDIO has exceptional coverage and excellent color permanence with perfect consistency and excellent color saturation.

CRYL STUDIO offers a premium quality color with a great value for money for beginners and users of large quantities.

  • High quality artists’ pigments
  • Great lightfastness (except for fluorescent colors)
  • Wide color range of 62 shades incl. 10 effect colors (Metallic, Fluorescent and Glow in the dark)
  • Medium consistency for a wide range of applications
  • Dries to a satin gloss finish
  • High elasticity, tensile strength and adhesion by using high-quality acrylate




With LUKAS CRYL STUDIO Fine Artists’ Acrylic color we offer a premium quality color with a great value for money for beginners and users of large quantities – a very high-quality alternative comparable to the acrylic color ranges in professional quality CRYL pastos and CRYL liquid.

LUKAS CRYL STUDIO was developed after the newest knowledge of pigment and binding agent research. Good covering power is ensured through a high concentration of valuable pigments, significantly higher than typical economic colors. Pigments are used to guarantee excellent levels of lightfastness. No shade has a lower lightfastness than 6-7 on the internationally standardised 8-step wool scale (exceptions are the Fluorescent and Glow in the Dark colors, for technical reasons). The exclusive use of high-quality acrylates

as a binder guarantees an excellent absorption on a great variety of surfaces such as carboard, canvas, plastic, glass, as well as high elasticity and tensile strength. This enables work in thick layers without the risk of cracking.

The color has a medium consistency to allow the most variable application, from an easy, extensive color application up to a slight structure while ensuring good control. The quick-drying LUKAS CRYL STUDIO Acrylic colors are water dilutable and dry to a satin gloss finish. They can be mixed with all LUKAS acrylic color assortments, like CRYL pastos, CRYL liquid and CRYL TERZIA.

The wide color range of 62 shades includes classical shades also affects colors, like metallic, Fluorescent and Glow in the Dark, and modern trend colors, like pastel shades.