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FAST EPOXY RESIN “iCreation” (TRANSPARENT)  – Catalyzes in HALF the time!

+ the black nitrile gloves AS A GIFT!

Highly reactive reduced-yellowing transparent epoxy resin for silicone moulds. Professional product specifically designed for jewellery production and artistic creations. Developed to ensure the advantages of epoxy resin (transparency, hardness, shininess) but with shorter curing times compared to traditional resins.

Thanks to its special formulation, you can remove your models after 6h00’. The catalysis times are also sensitive to external factors, such as temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the catalysis. Furthermore, the product can be removed from the silicone moulds after 8 hours, but reaches its maximum hardness (not deformable) after 24-48h.
As for all the other epoxy resins, using tempera or acrylic enamels in percentages higher than 1%, can damage the mechanical strength of the creation. Because of its high-speed catalysis, the product may heat up for a few minutes, even to high temperatures, when applied on surfaces of a thickness of 10 mm [0,39”] or more. Therefore, the casting should never be touched before 1-2 hours. If you require greater thicknesses, we recommend our Liquidissima product (up to 30 mm [1,18”]) or the Transparent Epoxy Resin Product (up to 20 mm [0,78”]). Working time is 10′-15′ for quantities up to 30 gr [0,06 lb]. We recommend to mix for 2 minutes and then apply. Prepare max. 100 gr [0,22 lb] of product at a time to prevent the resin from pre-catalysing before application. Application ratio by weight 100:50.

Description: “I-CREATION” Highly Reactive Transparent Epoxy Resin / 1,5 KG [3,30 LB] – Water-Clear – Two-component epoxy system (composed of 1 kg [2,20 lb] of resin and 500 gr [1,10 lb] of hardener)

with high transparency and excellent UV stability for film application (1 mm [0,03”]) and castings up to 10 mm [0,39”] thickness. In addition to the high transparency (water-clear) and the self-levelling properties, it guarantees an excellent mechanical seal for long-lasting items. The product features a low viscosity that reduces the appearance of unaesthetic air bubbles after hardening. The excellent resistance to ambient humidity guarantees a glossy and transparent surface. The product is compatible with the major colouring pastes on the market. Application ratio by weight 100:50.

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